Sell My Apartment Building

Are you thinking, “I need to sell my apartment complex?”  We can help!  KRL Group FL is looking for apartment buildings in the Tampa Bay area.  We prefer to stay within 45 minutes of Brandon.  We are currently looking for 5-20 unit buildings that will be cash flow positive once they fully occupied.  (We do still buy 1-4 unit buildings, too)  We don’t mind buildings that need some work.  Depending on the deal, we can pay cash, take over payments, or buy with other terms.

Do you have a building that is constantly vacant?  Does it need repairs?  Are you just tired of managing the building and looking to get into a different investment?  If so, contact Greg today.  Greg is our acquisition and managing specialist here in Central Florida.  Greg will follow up with you as soon as possible to get details on the property, schedule a walkthrough if necessary, and discuss details of any purchase.

What information will Greg need?  Rent rolls (if available), current rents, current expenses (insurance, lawn care, utilities, etc)  If this info is not available, we can still work on an offer, but this information expedites the process and allows us to make the best offer as quickly as possible.